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welcome, traveler.

hello! welcome to my realm of cyberspace...

this site is a tribute to the early stages of the internet. it's used to keep all my favorite internet things organized for myself and to share with others. i also come here to practice my HTML and CSS and meet new people. if you're reading this, pls leave me a message in my chatbox or guestbook so i can check out your website! :3 (please oh my god im begging you please)

thanks for visiting!

✧ my stats ✧

name: alix
age: 200
location: hell
zodiac: capricorn ♑︎
fav color: black
fav season: fall

things i like <3

  •  shiba inus
  •  coffee
  •  thrifting
  •  the moon
  •  horror movies
  •  skyrim
  •  vinyls/cds
  •  computers
  •  skulls
  •  vaporwave
  •  new vegas
  •  books
  •  tights
  •  cryptids
  •  dark academia
  •  concerts
  •  antique stores
  •  rats
  •  dr pepper
  •  classic rock
  •  skirts
  •  sanrio
  •  emo bands
  •  swords
  •  history
  •  the internet
  •  bears
  •  cyberpunk
  •  trinkets
  •  retro tech
  •  cemeteries
  •  sweaters
  •  garlic bread
  •  rain
  •  pixel art

??? logbook ???

3/9/24 - fixed some outdated/broken stuff.
12/12/23 - changed the selected text color on some pages.
9/29/23 - added a page to show off gifs and other web graphics i've saved but haven't had room for, styled like Windows XP. check it out here.
8/12/23 - added some custom cursors for each page.
7/20/23 - reorganized the websites page into more categories.
6/19/23 - added fake "ads" that change every time my homepage is opened or refreshed.
6/18/23 - fixed broken marquee effect in sidebar lol.
6/7/23 - added an about me page that looks like a myspace profile. you can check it out here.
5/25/23 - added a script that counts all links on the websites page.
5/21/23 - added some web buttons with marquee effects.
5/5/23 - added a page dedicated to music. check it out here.
5/4/23 - added a moon phases widget to the sidebar.
5/2/23 - created my own 88x31 button.
4/26/23 - websites page has a new CSS layout inspired by fallout terminals. check it out here.

last updated:

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